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Date added: 2 May 2010
Last Mod: 2 May 2010
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css in tables
5x5 strict xhtml table template


The above is an example of a 5x5 Table (with formatting) coded in "strict XHTML". This xhtml table demo is a part of our series on "css in tables" articles which cover basics on xml and xhtml tables coded in strict format. You can review the entire xhtml series by selecting the link below.

The next table (below) shows the most common "fixed width" use for this 5x5 xhtml table.

Also, I have included a live link for you to test this xhtml validation by simply clicking the W3C XHTML 1.0 picture below. (Note: this page opens in a new window and doubles as a live demonstation on how one can successfully validate strict xhtml pages using an alternate replacement method for target="_blank" and/or target="_new" as discussed in our target="" series.)

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Website Administrator "Strict" Table Tutorial: CSS in Tables: introduction - lesson One
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