Wordpress with Pagelines

Wordpress established it's name several years ago as the one of the leaders in the field of CMS (Content Management Systems) and swiftly became the first choice of many bloggers.

Improvements in wordpress has also seen the management system become a favorite platform for novice webmasters to create professional looking websites.

Part of the popularity of Wordpress was due to the ease of install on hosting sites. But not all web hosting sites have the needed requisites to run the wordpress CMS. WebsiteAdministrator.com.au is one organization that offers excellent deals that will enable those wishing to run Wordpress as their website to do so. They are also able to administrate your website with SEO and content updates if needed.

Wordpress has three main areas which you use to develop your website.

a) Coding -the technical area for those who know what they are doing.

b) Wysiwyg -(What you see is what you get and often pronounced Why-Zee-Wig) allows the user a simple way of putting a great looking page up, but like many wysiwyg products, the resultant technical code can often do with some cleaning by a professional.

c) Themes -enable many users to work from a decent layout to start with. The downside is that this can be a learning curve and take a large amount of time understand exactly how all the parts of the theme integrate together.

Mastering Wordpress

One excellent wordpress improvement example is the package put forward by Pagelines. The added feature of Platform gets you up and going in minutes with a sophisticated look that is sure to impress a wide range of existing and potential clients.

All you need to do is drag and drop your content and then your layout and you are done. Themes come in a range of available colors too.

If you would like BuddyPress Networking and/or bbPress Forums pre-integrated into your website, get one of the developer packages and again, surprisingly inexpensive.

Swift Professional results await you when using Pagelines with Wordpress

As mentioned earlier, you simply need to have a wordpress ready webhost running PHP5+ and you can be up and running with-in minutes with your own SEO friendly website.

A notable feature of +Plus membership is it offers priority support and access to new release themes at a healthy discount as they are developed. This is ideal for the professional website developer. All users have access to support, online documentation with a faq.

You can also customize the website administrator login too! If you dont have your business logo yet, enlist LogoDesignPros (see ad left) and your pages will come to life beautifully.

In short, Pagelines have produced a package which is ideal for a wide range of users including developers wishing to provide their clients a sophisticated wordpress site without a sophisticated price tag and is easy to master. In fact, at only 79 bucks for the standard pagckage, or 149 bucks for the advanced packaged, it is really quite a steal.