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Website Administration Services (The registered Australian Business owner of both, www.WebsiteAdministrator.com.au and it's search entity, www.WebsiteAdministration.com.au) is geographically located in Australia on the boundary of Melbourne's most major inner suburban commercial-industrial area in the East. If you zoom out in the map, you will notice we have swift and direct access to a very large portion of industry to the immediate west and south west, and direct freeway access to either side of the the sprawling Dandenong South Industrial estates in the south east.

Locally serviced Eastern Suburbs ( Industrial and / or Commercial Business centers):
Clayton South,
Notting Hill

Close proximity serviced South Eastern Suburbs ( Industrial and / or Commercial Business centers):
Dandenong South,
Noble Park North,

Website Administrator Services

We offer value added services to the small to medium business which enables them to compete fairly for the business that larger organizations tend to reap by default. Depending on your needs, we can present your business to the online consumer market for under $500 or for under $1,000 and fully paid up for ten years. This is for our current 25Gb deal. Our 1000Gb is under $2,000. We only offer quality deals that are fully featured or near fully featured. Our SEO service is often more than 300-400 percent cheaper with better results. Contact us for more information.

Local and Close Proximity Service.
Local and Close Proximity businesses are able to request standard onsite and person to person services at our standard rate which start from $30/hr. We also offer the same fullsuite of off-site services that is available to all national and international clients as referenced below in the General Website Service section.

National - International Representation Service.
We are able to provide a range of other services including IT based (Software or Hardware) representation for either Victoria or Australia. This is a cost effective solution for any non-local business that would prosper from having official customer friendly and resolution focused Australian technical representation and/or stock located in this country.

General Website Service.
Our technical staff can draw on experience in HTML development from 1994. We adhere to W3C standards and are able to hand code and correct where other SEO and CMS software misses. We also deliver a full suite of services from Business Name Registration, Domain Name Registration and full Website setup with ongoing maintenance if required. This includes popular most formats.eg php wordpress, many of the various ecommerce type websites etc. We can design your website completely, or you can use one of the many available templates of your choice or from sites we recommend. We are able to rework any website into virtually any design.

How much do you charge for a Website?
We can put you into a fully functioning website with extras from as little as $199.00 for a single year including a domain name, hosting and email setup etc. or from less that $99.00 per year if you take up our ten year deal offer.

Training and Personalized Staff Training Manuals Service.
We are not a RTO but we do have staff with TA04 certification which is the minimum recognized qualification requirement for national teaching staff in Australian schools and universities. We are also able to compile unique staff training manuals to suit your business with reference to operating policy and any general procedures of your business. This is also a great Course Delivery Solution for those who require specialized staff training around Australia for their unique or specialized products. We can also include assessment to improve the effectiveness of your training materials. Our delivery staff have a minimum of three years full time experience in delivering to classes of up to 30+ students in various courses ranging from IT to Business Skills.