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Install MySQL 5.1 on Microsoft Windows

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MySQL Server Instance Configuration Wizard:

The MySQL Server Instance Configuration Wizard makes configuring your MySQL a simple affair as we shall soon see. Our first window is an introduction to the Wizard we will be using. Select Next to move to the first of the configuration windows.

Starting the MySQL 5.1 Server Instance Configuration Wizard
(Fig. 09)
Installing MySQL Server Instance Wizard e Pic

First an introduction, select next to begin configuring your My SQL 5.1 on your computer.


MySQL 5.1 Configuration Type:

Next we check [./] the box next to the type of server setup for our machine. If this is your first MySQL server instance your are setting up, it is best to choose the second option, Standard Configuration. This can be manually fine tuned later.

Configuring for MySQL 5.1 Windows
(Fig. 10)
Installing MySQL as Windows Service Pic

Check [./] the box which best describes your installation and select next.


Selecting the MySQL Server Type:

Next select the Server Type to match the purpose of the computer the software is being installed on. As this window informs you, this will determine how much Memory, Disk space and CPU usage will be allocated to MySQL. The larger and more frequent the use, the more intensive and resource expensive this can be. Very large database requirements may find that you prefer to consider a Unix type server to address hardware (and some software) demands.

You can also reconfigure your Windows settings at a later date by accessing this wizard again from the MySQL program group in the Windows Start / Programs Menu.

If you are installing MySQL 5.1 on your main local computer for testing or for informal or minimal use, Developer Machine would be your best option. This method gives you a good all round option and access to many features for the developer. For formal server functions, select the option that best describes how you plan for MySQL to function on this computer.

MySQL 5.1 Server Type: Developer, Server or Dedicated
(Fig. 11)
Installing MySQL Select Server Type Pic

The more dedicated MySQL needs to be, the more resources it will consume. Developers and Novice users will select Developer Machine at this option. Select next after you have selected the type that closest resembles your planned use.


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