Privacy Statement does collect and store normal information that is needed in order to carry out its business. This is information that has been personally provided by our clients or visitors which is used to enable invoicing, delivery of goods and services to a fixed geographical address or for online website services.

This information is not stored online and is only accessed by our personnel who need this data to complete the required function (eg. invoicing or customer website updates etc.).

Stat / website counter Cookies

We do not set cookies however, we do make use of the services of others that do use them. Majorly, our stat-counter / hit-counter which allows us to access certain information (if available) regarding the last 500 hits to our website. This means the data that is viewable to use is actually wiped many times a week and leaves us no method of recourse to review the wiped data except for the page hit totals.

For those that are with-in the last 500 hits, the information which may be viewed mostly depends on if the visitor has javascript enabled in his web browser and includes items like the referring url, date and time which page was accessed, the ip and country code the visit has come from and operating system and browser type used. This is standard practice for many major websites and we use the information to identify areas of the website which may need improving. There are also a very small number of landing pages we have that have Google stat counters (Google Analytics) which keeps results that Google displays in their webmasters tools section. We have access to this information (which is similar to that mentioned above) but for a longer period. Webmaster Tools does not make the ip or system specific statistics available to us.

Advertising Cookies

We also place adverts on some of our pages which often use cookies as the means of identifying our website as the referral website to enable payment. These are google ads, shareasale and similar adverts placed in our pages.

Please refer to these websites for their privacy policies. If you note any third party that abusing this website with their cookie usage, please let us know immediately.

To sum up our privacy policy, we have no interest in maintaining records that identify specific users/organizations unless it is so required by Australian law and/or for the purpose of invoicing or maintaining customer websites.


Note to Advertisers (Q&A)

Why have you blocked my business from placing ads?

We don't permit 3rd party ads to contain phone numbers. Google is the only exception.