Review your W3C CSS Validation code

Do It YourSelf SEO Study Module #06- 00

And just like the HTML validator, you will get a green message if all is looking good. Red means you should address any error encountered.

Scroll down the page to view your css in more detail.

There is also a W3C tool which will check both CSS and HTML at the same time. This is called unicorn and gives you a single pronged approach for validating both areas of your site in one pass. Unicorn also checks news feeds.

After you have your basic HTML code and CSS cleaned up and are confident in your skills, this might be an easier tool for you to use.

But for entry level testing and to hone your coding skills, doing so one at a time offers the best self training regime of all.

W3C Online HTML Validtaion Tool for the SEO
Correcting W3C validation errors is made simple for the SEO.

And that wraps up the validating steps of your CSS code.

Now you know that your pages should display quite well on many types of internet products from web phones to ipads, computers to game consoles and much more.

Google may not check for valid code at this time, but errors that present themselves in validation could very well cause other errors that are checked for, and prevent your ranking well in search results. If you were to do nothing else except ensure your pages passed validation, you should see a rise in your SERPs as a result.

Don't forget, you can always contract us to assist bringing your site up to par.

Now let's take a look at Meta Tags...

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W3C CSS Markup Validation as an SEO Tool
Using the W3C CSS Validator for Code Cleaning
Review your W3C CSS Validation code

Appendix: You may enjoy to further research the following not so common references made in training module #06:

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