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The Free Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

A rudimentary introduction to the Fundamentals of SEO

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Simple and Powerful Online DIY SEO Training Course for the Small Business Community

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The Fundamentals of SEO

Apart from the actual content found on your web page, most any useful dissertation to be found on the fundamentals of SEO will instruct the student on how to better present the HTML code of their website in accordance with search engine preferences. This may also include information the student of SEO has not as yet encountered in his study endeavors into this field thus far.

This SEO course is unique in that we will break from the mould and instead instruct you on how to effectively empower key aspects of your website to the world and give you the ability to truley monitor your own progress and popularity. All this for free.

The role of the search engine

It is the role of the search engine to short list the most worthy of all probable answers to any given question that has been posed by the searcher. Search Engine credibility is maintained by consistantly providing high quality answers to each users' questions.

The role of the SEO

It is the role of the SEO to empower the search engine by ensuring his web page will satisfy the needs of the searcher. The closer the SEO can make his web page align with the exact criteria the search engine is seeking, the higher his page will rank in the results listings. These results are called SERPs.

Notes for personal one-on-one seo training

Some of you may prefer personal one-on-one seo assistance (student-trainer) on the methods used in this course to better suit your exact website. And this is available and may well help some of you to gain an unfair advantage. C'est la vie (such is life). You may also hire our services to optimize and/or maintain your website for you. We are cheaper because we are faster and more efficient.

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