Free Online Website Tools for the Web Page Administrator


Free Online Web Page Administration Tools - The Coveted Seo Short List:

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W3C free online HTML Code Validation

W3C helps ensure your webpage validates to world standards.
Links: HTML, CSS, Unicorn or
Our How to validate HTML guide, or validate CSS guide,

Infohound's free Html Tidy online

Jonathan Hedley's worthy infohound tool to help HtmlTidy your code online.
Links: HTML Tidy or
Our How to use HTML Tidy guide

Google Advanced free online Search Form

Advanced Google Search for a more exact search result.
Links: Search Oz, Search Uk, Search Us

SeoCentro free online META Tag Analysis

Online Meta Tag tool which allows the administrator to analyze his meta tag efficiency.
Links: Meta Tag Analysis or
Our How to Optimize & Test Your Meta Tags

Website SiteMap Generator

Generates a google compliant sitemap.xml file for your website.
Links: SiteMap Generator

WhatsMyIP selection of free online Tools

Great selection of online Tools ranging from your IP address to your webpage header info.
Links: My IP Address or
Our How to Test for Compression guide

StatCounter's free online Page Counter (This is what we use)

A fully featured counter that also helps webpage improvement through statistical analysis.
Links: WebPage Counter or
Our How to use StatCounter guide

SEO and Web Site Administration Tools:

CMS styled Web Sites

There is a current popular trend for some web site seekers to purchase a CMS styled web site over traditional HTML styled webpages. Often the purchaser does not even know he has a choice or thinks it is hard to or expensive to have someone else maintain his site. Also, you are locked into a website design and you can't move it anywhere else. We offer inexpensive solutions if you ever encounter this problem or want real freedom from the very start. We highly recommend our ten-year-deal at approx $ 995 (less than 100/year with nothing more to pay for ten years with all admin work completed for you. But we can also put you online with a smaller working website template from as little as $149 if you want to pay all the other yearly costs and do any extra admin work yourself).

But cms seldom works If you want full control to freely attract visitors to your website. So be wary of web hosts that try to sell you a web site that you can maintain your self with their in-house web site generator and web site maintenance programs. It is not hard to learn how to maintain and upload php, asp or html files. If you know how to attach a file to email a friend, you can use ftp to upload files to your web site with the latest and best seo improvements at any time you like. Not so with cms. The software mostly does not allow this freedom.

The ramifications of such a purchase becomes a multi-thousand dollar mistake for many. "Automatic" webpage generation is not flexible enough to bend with the changes that continuously occur in the internet landscape. Seldom, if ever, are they able to implement correct SEO techniques beyond a few meta tag descriptions and correct page placement. This means you will need to spend money in order to attract visitors to your site. And that is a contradiction on what seo is. However, learning to edit your own web pages is a very simple affair. Only if you can be made to move away from choosing a standard web site layout can you then be milked for every spare penny that jingles in your pocket. The more standard and generic your web pages are, the easier it is to go shopping for discount web site administrators or to learn and practice HTML your self or to train one of your staff.

The professional SEO does not often share his hard won common knowledge

And when it comes to seo, let's face it. Those of us who intimately understand SEO are not about to make common knowledge the exact "how to" of making your website smooze amongst the leaders of the pack without some sort of kick back. The knowledge is hard won and collected over many years.

And if large organizations hire their own SEO specialists to make sure you don't get into the game, you can bet your bottom dollar any generic "automatic" web site will not be able to compete on any level. Some are better than others, but let me share one of the deepest of all seo secrets with you.

Having a search engine find and list your web page content is a unique and individual thing. It is between the words and symbols on that particular page and the Google Index. And for that reason, you can out-seo any automatic system whether it is cms software or even if it is an advanced automatic webpage generator like Dreamweaver. And for this reason, large organizations shudder at the thought you might come to understand this and cheer those that do not have the foresight to forego using cms styled webpages and prey you never opt for real pure html control.