Download Free Website Templates

If you are searching to download free website templates, then explore our recommended free website template list in the next column. This is our hand picked resource for those who are short on time yet want to quickly find and download a quality free website template with an emphasis on choice and diversity.

We also create or modify templates for you if needed.

We compiled this list for those who would like to take advantage of our affordable ten year website plan. All you need to do is let us know which website template you would like and we do all the rest for you. Let us know what changes you'd like and it's done.


Why downloading free website template can save you time and money:
    a) You can see exactly how the overall site will look
    b) Large range of quality sites are readily available
    c) Many included graphics and photos are royalty free
    d) Easy to add or remove pages, sections or ideas
    e) HTML sites are easier to add SEO enhancements to


Using our ten-year-deal means that you will have a website for ten years with no extra bills to pay. There are no monthly/yearly fees for hosting, or domain name upkeep. The domain and website are yours to re-sell. Questions: (Mobile) 04 2383 9499 text or talk only, no message bank. We can call you back (Oz).

Also, if you only have a few items you want to sell with paypal buttons, we can usually fit that in without any extra cost to you too! Yes, you can have as many email addresses as you like.

There is some technical knowledge required in setting up your website and this is included for free in our pricing. Some of our clients have more than one website because they specialize in more than one product or service. If you look through our SEO link below, you will see a list of tools that we can setup for you so that you can monitor the performance of your website. This is an included service, not an extra.

Adding different photos or graphics

To personalize your selected template further, adding different photos or graphics can help to create a more unique website. It is common for businesses to add personal photos (eg. products or shop front) or locate other professional photos to further make your website unique. We like to create the site you want with styles that suit your personality. We often advise, but mostly we listen and then deliver what it is you want.

Online Stores sites

Many online store sites seem attractive until you read the bottom line. Monthly fees and a slice of the action is just some of the price you pay.

Always contact before you commit to a website. We don't mind if we save you '000's.

Short List of Free Website Templates for Download.

Add our free seo training course tips to any template you use. Our range of services are directed at people just like you and will save you time and money.


webshapes offers an impressive review of 12 free templates per page. We have highlighted the xhtml range. With over 500 quality designs to choose from, you are bound to find one that can be molded into a unique site for you. Our website is mostly coded in xHTML. This is a really nice site to select modern and innovative styles of home page design.


hooverwebdesign offers a download range of templates to get your website off to a nice and easy start. You can see a thumbnail example and download the zip when you find the one that looks best for you. Find the page numbers at the top and bottom to view many extra template examples.

freetemplatesonline (by categories)

freetemplatesonline is a website that has a very wide range of free website templates which are ordered into categories for download. We have linked the food and drink range but the left menu has many more types to choose from. The free templates are shown at the top of the page and premium (those for sale) are listed underneath.

freelayouts (templates by color and type)

freelayouts offers you the choice of many website templates (layouts) for free download too. A nice feature of this website is the ability to browse the free download templates by theme color, you can toggle the color scheme The link was no longer live so we have shelved this one for now.

elated pagekits

Elated introduces diversity into the mix with a series of mini-sized templates available for free download. You will find around 50 at this zero price and there are others that are quite reasonably priced too.

dreamweaver templates

This is a selection of free templates for website's you can download that suit dreamweaver. These templates offer a plain straight forward design. Approximately 10 to choose from.

adobe dreamweaver CS4 templates, Pg2

A succinct selection of free dreamweaver CS4 templates to download. Includes a video to assist you with customization of spry accordion style displays and dropdown menus (incl. 2x WordPress)

How can I add SEO enhancement to my free website template

If you want to know how to add SEO enhancement yourself to your website template, then use our free DIY SEO Training Course as a primer. With consultation, we offer all these services and more for our clients as part of our website deals And as this link suggests, we can offer one-on-one personalized help with these steps for those that want to go it alone to DIY or for those that wish to learn more on the subject.

Finding the right template to download

We know that trying to find a great free template to download can be a bit of nightmare. That's why we have put this page together which can assist you to find a site that best suits you. Once you find the style of website you would be happy to call home, we can then assist you to really make the site your own or even create a whole new website based on that design but with your touch. Many templates still need to be properly optimzed and be setup so that you can gain maximum exposure on the web. This is where excells. It doesn't matter where your geographical location is, we give your website a real home on the internet with no annoying monthly fees unless you also want us to do monthly updates and monitor your site for you. Don't forget to use the DIY SEO training course linked above if you are going it alone and don't need help in setting up your website on the www.


7 Tips for website owners when creating a webpage

Here are 7 tips for the website owner to consider when creates his homepages:

1. Use Google Places and show customers where you are

2. If you design your website with a super sized screen, be considerate with font size for those that that only have tiny screens like mobile phones for instance.

3. Use some pictures on your page. Even well placed google picture ads can add fun to your page.

4. Offer choices for visitors to go. Make sure there are a few links that go around your site or to the sites of others.

5. Check your website works in firefox, chrome and internet explorer. Some businesses have no choice but to use internet explorer.

6. When searching the web, use a string of words to find what you are looking for. The more words you use, the better the search engine can understand what you are looking for.

7. Recommend this page in any online group you think might benefit from this data.