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What will this SEO course teach me.

Paid Vs Free

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This seo course will first teach you basic off page techniques you apply to each web page. You will learn how to track and obtain data about your website that will help you to improve your online presence.

Next you will learn how to optimize and present your web pages in an efficient manner giving you an edge over your competition. Some of these techniques are advanced html. But do not worry, many of these are made easy with the use of free online tools which we will show you how to use.

We are more than happy to do any SEO optimization for you. We optimize many levels in one pass which is why we appear to be a more cost effective solution than others. It just doesn't take us long to do the work.

Sign up to the WAS Online SEO Course

This course is also free. Why? Because you have just as much right as any to be entrepreneurial and without qualification.

To say that those with super wealth have a finite figure in mind which will produce an end-game to their greed is delusion. And just like any with a gambling addiction, many with super wealth can make a million dollar windfall but will still wish it was more.

So, before you buy products online, look to the smaller local sites that are run by genuine people. These are the people that provide a more honest service and help build local communities.

These are the exact techniques I have used to make this into one of the more popular internet sites. And so this is my happy gift to you, to show you how you too can level this playing field.

The internet machine certainly makes living in the limelight a very real probability for many of us these days. You can ignore the Wall Street marketing kings that have again surfaced to lead a dollar-driven charge promising that FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube with the pocket money of children is exactly what will plug a hole that popped a floating internet bubble years ago.

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson & Neil Peart were right in saying "... All the world's indeed a stage, each another's audience, those who wish to be must put aside the alienation, get on with the fascination the real relation the underlying theme"

Benefits for paid students

As a paid student, you get personal one on one instruction to assist you to master any of the course techniques. The emphasis here is on teaching you how to do it yourself. We will do some of your code for you if needed as part of the instruction process. Expect a 24hr turn around on all queries.

Personalized Online SEO Course Assistance

30 Days only:
$ 74.95 !

Personalized Online SEO Course Assistance

Monthly Subscription:
$ 49.95 !



Yes, the course includes inspection of your code, on or off line. Immeadiately after payment, you're welcome to email for any assistance from the confirmation page or at any time after that.

This offer applies to a single web site. If you have multiple sites or are a web designer needing assistance for several sites you maintain, we are happy to discuss a sliding scale discount.

It might be our prices are too cheap. We reserve the right to review them without notice. This will not effect those already paid or already on subscription

Don't delay. Enroll now. Get 30 days of assistance or get the monthly subscription and have assistance available for as long as you want, whenever you want.

You can also contribute to the course as a thank-you for the data after using it and seeing that your SERPs have risen. This ensures the WAS Online Seo Course has the needed wherewithal to keep developing further study modules.

This site is paid up for the next ten years so the data that is here isn't going to disappear any time soon. Signing up does have long term benefits.

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