How to Optimize META Tags and an Introduction to the KeyWords Meta Tag

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If you have been implementing each recommendation so far in this online course, then you are now so perfectly poised that when you start implementing this and the following study modules, you will earnestly begin to chip away at the rankings of those that have been senior to you in serp listings for so long.

Let's continue our onslaught by learning how to optimize our Meta Tags. The last page in this study module provides you with an online tool to check and improve your Meta Tags. Though using Meta tags is not compulsory, it is most advisable that you do use them. Let's find out why this is so and how we do it.

Especially if yours is a newer site, a metoric rise will not be instantaneously. One allows up to 3 months for full discovery and full indexing by the major search engines. You can have little instantaneous victories on the SEO battlefield, not major ones. Patience is a skill the SEO needs when applying green seo techniques. The impatient serve a continuous urge to empty their bank accounts while the truly talented need not.

The Meta Tag

The Meta tag is used to expedite the grouping of similar web pages through a common denominator. This information is found in the HTML head section and enables search software to ascertain specific information about the content of the web page without the need to scan the entire document.

So we see that if we take the time to learn how to correctly optimize our Meta tag information, we are then assisting the search engines to index the exact information they seek to index. And this gives you another advantage point against your competition.

But before we get to that, let's first make sure we know and understand the term KeyWord.

KeyWords and the KeyWords Meta Tag

If you know a little about building Roman Arches, you will know that the stone that is at the very top and in the very center of the arch is the most important stone in the entire structure. It is the KEY STONE and it's presence makes this architectural feat possible. Removing this keystone would cause the arch to topple. And the keystones for any website or webpage are it's keywords.

If you do not use your KeyWords correctly, your document will topple too. Why? Because your KeyWords are the fundamental words and phrases you have used to create the web page upon. In printed publications, you would expect to find these keywords in certain places and they would also take other certain prominent positions in any document.

If our KeyWord is KeyWord, you would expect to find the word KeyWord in the title of the work. You would also expect to find the word KeyWord in a very large font in the first Heading on the page (H1 or H2) which is used to further illustrate it's purpose.


And most likely, there will be some repetition of the word or phrase that may even extend to the keyword being used in a sub heading (H3 or H4 etc.). Also, any successful description of the page would need to contain this exact keyword or keyword phrase. Which means that the KeyWord is often repeated again in the Description Meta tag.

And so we will see that some META TAGS have more weight and influence when compared with other META TAGS. We will list the most important of these tags shortly.

Your Business Logo Image and KeyWords.

And while we are on the subject of Keywords, let's quickly discuss your business logo image. Many businesses use an image for branding. You know a Ferrari by it's logo (and the word Ferrari underneath). But a search engine does not have eyes and cannot read the words in the image. So you must tell the search engine what it should see when it can not see. So you would make sure you label such an image(s) in your html stating alt="Ferrari" in the IMG tag portion of the code. Or better, use real text to replace any wording in the image or use both of these methods it you have a combination image and words logo. And don't be so so daft as to use the word image or picture in the alt tag. A computer can see that much.

Common Sense Information

The above information may make you want to alter some of the content and layout of your web page right now. And if you have ignored any of these points in your page, then you should correct them right now. It is just plain common sense to setup your document in this fashion.

The more common the layout of your work is, the easier it is to be commonly understood and thus the more popular your work will become.

Let's mix it up and have a look at an offbeat example of this just for fun. If we compare Radio Birdman's TV eye (aussie band version) from their Radios Appear album Versus (Iggy Pop &) Stooges' TV Eye (yankee band version) from their FunHouse album. - I considered that this would be more appropriate than say, MC5's live '69 debut classic song Kick out the Jams brother and sisters.

So, without bias, which is the original or better version in your opinion?

Who lords it over the other (do you get the joke, it's the first word of the song - in case you missed it.)? Well, the yankee version is the original but because the aussie have done such a great job of covering this alt-rock classic, their version of this icon song on vinyl fetches much more in dollar value in the open market.

So be original by all means, but if you follow the standard format, fame and fortune will follow. Set up your HTML as standard as can be and the search engines will love you for it.


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How to Optimize META Tags and an Introduction to the KeyWords Meta Tag
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