An Online Meta Tag Analyzer for SEO

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Online Meta Tag Analyzer. Check your Meta Tags!

Ok. That should suffice for background data and tips. So we are now going to analyze and optimize your META Tags for SEO and discovery. Using an Online Meta Tag Analyzer greatly assists the SEO to optimize his HTML Meta Tags. To do this, we simply fill in the form that is in the next column. You can cut and paste an address from your browser's location bar if you like. The online MetaTagAnalyzer will take you to another web address for a full analysis of your webpage, so it is a good idea to bookmark this page now so you can easily come back to test further webpage's and / or to continue with the seo course.

Scan through the following data before you enter the webpage address you want to analyze. Then add the web page location data, type in the four digit access code on your keyboard and click the submit button.

You will soon be greeted with a result page which is broken into various areas for you to assess. The generated report helps us by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the web page.



This tells you about the webpage and includes your pagerank and the server information.

Meta tags report

Shows the META information as it appears in the HTML document.

Meta tags analysis.

This is the most important part of the analysis.

This part of the report displays our current Meta tag information along with recommendations to improve your data. You should aim for 100% in each category. Red is an error, orange is a warning and green confirms that you are in the optimum range.

Description etc. will not equal 100% if the exact same words do not appear in your page content.

Refine each of your META Tags in your HTML so that the data in this section makes sense and it reflects the purpose and content of your webpage. You may wish to also alter some of the content of in your web page so that your KeyWords and KeyPhrases are more prominent.

Don't forget to upload your corrected HTML page to your website and re-test the page. When you are happy with the result, move to the next study module.



Web page analysis

Lists extra general data including how fast your page-load time is.

Your site displayed on a search engine page.

This is how your listing should appear in the Google serps.

Keywords found in the Anchor tags:

These are the words found in your Anchor tags (active hyperlinks). The general view is that words which link to other resources are usually stated in key words when referencing that subject.

Keywords found in the IMG Alt tags:

These are the IMG tags words that are listed in the "alt=" descriptor for the images on the page.

Keywords found on page:

This shows you how many times each word and even phrases are repeated in the content of the page. Ideally, these words represent the core subject matter of your web page. The high scoring words and phrases are the best words to use in the Keyword Meta Tag of your page.

Repeat this process for each webpage you would like to optimize.


Meta Tag Analyzer
Check your meta tags!

Enter full internet address for the Web Page to inspect.


(ignore these two feilds if you're unfamiliar
User Agent * )

Please enter the access code as displayed above.
Access code

Online Meta Tag Analyzer provided by SEOCentro.

Where to next for now? Let's study some google guidelines.

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An Online Meta Tag Analyzer for SEO

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