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SEO Optimization Using GZip

GZip optimization comes before content optimization

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GZip shows that coming first can be advantageous.

Welcome to the third study module in our free SEO DIY Search Engine Optimization online training course. So far we have learned that there are others stat-track the users of our websites for their own personal reasons. Some collect and on-sell that data to others, and some of it we can use for free. Then we learned how to add a personal stat tracking to our own web pages so we can have a clearer picture of why and how users are hitting on our website with the hope we can use that information to provide a better service to our visitors.

But why did we learn about stat-tracking tools first? The answer is quite simple. Most websites are not busy at all. In fact, many do not even get anywhere near [300] three hundred hits a day, which means it will most likely take some time to build up useful data about your website so that you can begin to intelligently optimize your content.

And now that we are truly ready to begin the website optimization of our web pages in earnest, what do we do first? Correct content? Check our keywords? Fix our HTML?


We first address Speed. We next attempt to claim the advantageous reputation of being known as a web site owner that has added GZip speed to it's arsenal. Yes, we become one of those people that respect this internet and do our part for the online communal landscape by helping to GZip the web.

And this is SEO using GZip. It is powerful, it is forceful and it should be done. For many, this step may be too technical. Those of you who purchased one of our website deals can easily do this step. Regardless, if it can be done, it should be.

This step may be out-side of your personal control. Those on the paid path of this course may ask us for technical assistance on this step.

GZip the Web

Gzipping the Web is an item on Google's wish list. Why? Because many web pages do not load in a single pass. Even when using broadband there can be many trips and hops between servers to load your page in full. So GZip helps to conserve time as well as electricity.

SEO using GZip

Easily save 70% in file size transfer for text based content

Compressed text content like .html, .css and .js files are transfered very quickly. A 70% saving on file size is common for these file formats. This includes .php and .asp files which often appear as being .html files in your browser's location bar.

Many text based files allow the browser to understand the outline of your web page and therefore render the full webpage swiftly.


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