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StatCounter Keyword Analysis

KeyWords in StatCounter

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Keyword examples with Live Demonstration

Keywords are taken from index lists that search engines use to direct traffic to your site. Changes to these lists depend on how often they update their index of your site. StatCounter keeps record of the search phrase the visitor used to find your site. These are the Keywords referenced by statcounter.

There are two ways in which you can view Keywords in StatCounter.

StatCounter Keyword Analysis (with Live Demo)

The first Keyword Analysis tool provides an ordered list of all the keywords and phrases used in the search engines that have resulted in traffic arriving at your site.

That makes this very powerful information for the SEO. He now knows exactly which key phrases and words are winners for him.

And this opportunity enables us to to find out where each keyword or phrase ranks in the SERPs and he can go about his business to improve any key rank if needed.

But don't forget that you are also looking for what is not there.

If your website is about pizza and all your hits are about pasta, you will need to improve the pizza content on your pages. Ideally, without losing your pasta hits if pasta is relevant to your site too.

Here is StatCounter's live demo of this Keyword Analysis stat in action.

Recent Keyword Activity (with Live Demo)

Our second Keyword Tool focuses on the more recent hits to your website. As a result, you can drill down the data and understand more about that visitor's activity on your website. Hence the name of this tool.

This tool also displays the landing page that the search engine has indexed against keyword terms you have that are working for you.

Here is a live demo of the Recent Keyword Activity stat in action

If you haven't as yet noticed, you can fully browse this demo account and see how all stats and graphs are presented. If you want some comparison statistical information between your site and another. View this demo site against yours in alexa.

Waiting for your SERPs to up date

Don't forget to allow time for Google to find changes and update their indexes with any changes in your content. For most of us, there is a waiting period. It can be lengthy if your site has little traffic. We will show you how to speed this up later in the course. Let's now learn how zip the web.

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