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Above is a list of various countries with links into various Job Boards and listings. Many of the links we have provided are preset with values and will display website jobs as soon as you click the link. Many of the Job Sites also enable the user to visit or view Jobs in other countires. We hope you enjoy our selection of Job sites.

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Core Skills helpful notes when job seeking:

Website Administrator or Web Administrator

This term encompasses those with talent that spans all aspects of web site creation or the ongoing upkeep of a website. Many jobs require overlapping requirements but not all of them. Some job openings are interested in one or two specific skills.

Website Developer or Web Developer

Refers to the technical side of putting a web site there. Job skills are of varying requirements and mostly expect a high level of capability in Html, CSS, JavaScript as well as other basic programming skills for web page code manipulation with jquery or php and have a working knowledge on popular topographies.

Website Designer or Web Designer

For those that specialize in the finer visual aspects of web site creation. Job skills are of varying requirements. It is common for designers to have trained in a variety of Adobe creative software products such as Photoshop and Flash. Some positions for designers require they be able to work within the constraints placed upon them by various popular CMS software programs like wordpress, joomla etc.

SEO or Search Engine Optimizer

Many websites are composed without regard as to how they are viewed by a search engine. The SEO specializes in conforming the website to suit search engine queries. An excellent knowledge in grammar and HTML technique are highly regarded in this field.

Social Media Specialist

Akin to the SEO, the Social Media Specialist is often familiar with multi-media design programs and popular Peer2Peer internet programs such as FaceBook and email for marketing concepts. The idea here is to win sales or popularity through a grass-roots or word-of-mouth agenda that targets the young or more simple internet user demographic that can be pushed through endorsement by peer group leaders.

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