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Free Online SEO Training Course


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Free Online Seo Training

Rudimentary Contents for the free SEO online training course

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Master SEO Course Contents

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  1. SEO Introduction: Introduction to the SEO course & SEO basics
  2. Introducing Alexa: Using Alexa to benchmark the progress of your website
  3. Introducing StatCounter: Using free StatCounter to track and improve your webmetrics
  4. Introducing GZIP: Using Compression to speed up the performance of your website
  5. Clean HTML: The importance of, and how to clean your HTML Code (free online)
  6. Valid HTML: What is, and how to validate HTML Code (free online)
  7. Valid CSS: What is, and how to validate CSS Code (free online)
  8. Introducing META tags: The importance of, and how to edit your META tag data (free online)
  9. Gif - Jpg - Png: Size matters. Optimizing graphical data
  10. SiteMaps: The importance of, and how to get a valuable SiteMap (free online)
  11. Google Tools: Making use of some powerful Google tools for the webmaster (free online)








The free online SEO course has been authored by Steve Campisi who in 2007 successfully completed the Australian Nationally recognized Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Also known as the TA04 course which replaced the previous national Train the Trainer Course in Australia. He has also twice completed his internship on two differing and extensive Professional Course Supervisor courses. One in Australia and another in the United States. With over 3 years of fulltime formal training and many years of assisting clients in the Metropolitan Melbourne and rural regions of South Gippsland to become more proficient with emerging information technologies, he has long been a strong advocate for those who aim to raise the intellectual literacy required by the lay person to become more adept in our online landscape.

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