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Using alexa as an SEO Benchmark

The Alexa SEO Benchmark for Websites

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Our first real lesson in this Search Engine Optimization Series for Do It Yourself SEO gives us a tool in which we can gauge our effectiveness. This intrusive step by step guide will show you where and how you can uncover an array of information stored by others on your website's internet presence. We can then use this information to help to perfect our own SEO skills. And you can choose to take the paid path of this seo course if you want a little more one-on-one assistance with this or any module of the course.

And although you may or may not know what the title of this page means just yet, in a few short seconds, the power of this tools will be permanently etched into your brain. For using alexa as an seo benchmark is going to help you to understand just how well you have implemented your seo skills and just how well your website has done so far. Millions upon millions of websites have been assessed by Alexa, and your website too can and will be judged and then exposed with various bits of collated information about your site left hanging out in the breeze for all to publicly scrutinize at their leisure. But first, what is a benchmark, and how can it help?

An SEO Benchmark for Websites

A benchmark is something you can use to compare a similar something against. The best benchmark we could hope for is one which we can use to compare our own website as a whole against all other websites on the web. What is the most popular website? How do we stack up against that? What is the least popular website? How do we stack up against that?

If we could then compare how popular we are today, and how popular we are next month, then we would have our hands on valuable data.

This would then indicate to the SEO if his skill is resulting in a website that has better reach or not. Seeing if our SERP position has raised is not quite the same as knowing if the website as a whole is attracting more attention. So a tool which can measure the website as a whole is more appreciated than a simple keyword tool as our first step in understanding where our website fits into the scheme of the online landscape. And alexa provides just the sort of tool we need to help with this.

SEO Benchmark for Websites
SEO Benchmark for Websites

So this first article in our DIY SEO series is going to answer Where to start? and more importantly Just how well does my website stack up against all the rest?

We are about to see that, if you have a website that can be found, alexa has already began to collate information on it. They then compare your website against all other websites and give it a ranking based on their own interpretation of popularity. And we don't care if this makes Alexa's definition of popularity a prime target for debate. It will be good enough for our purposes. And this then give us an seo benchmark for our website. So let's get on with this study module and see how you rank right now and see how we can setup and use Alexa as our Benchmark for future comparison of our SEO efforts.

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