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Get Listed on Alexa

Checking your Alexa ranking

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Let's get right to it.

Use this active link to visit (opens in a new window or tab) to see if your website is already listed. To do this, simply type your website address into the search form on their site and select search.

Get listed on alexa made easy
Fig. 01

Getting listed on alexa


The pic above (Fig. 01) shows exactly where you need to enter your website address. Alexa ignores the www part of the website address.

Is my alexa rank how much my website is worth?

Many would say if only, but Alexa ranks their most popular site starting from number one. You might guess that sites like google or facebook hang at these lofty (lowly) heights. The Alexa site allows you to check and explore much data about popular sites and keywords. Many of us will never personally own a website that will rank anywhere near the top.

Antonio's Pizza Shop in Toora

For example, Nick's Antonio's Pizza Shop in Stanley St. Toora (5686-2333) make such a great pizza pie that the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine. That's amore!

But it's true, it's the favorite pie locals and visiting tourists of the Toora Wind Farm all love to eat. A great day out is to grab a pizza, check out the views over Corner Inlet to The Prom from Silcock's Hill lookout. (There's a table and chairs for pizza eating). Then mosey up the hill a little further to the Wind Turbine Info Centre and then follow the road around to Agnes Falls which is a spectacular cascading waterfall. Especially after some rain.

But you wouldn't expect a small local pizza website to be as popular as Pizzahut (Oz) who have a national chain. And PizzaHut is not likely to ever be as popular as facebook (not in 2011, perhaps in 2012).

Whether you live in a town of 5,000 people or a suburb that has 50,000 around it's main shopping area, you would seek out businesses that are similar or the same as yours on alexa and have a look at how they rank. If there is not much to compare to in your exact area, find a similar sized business in a local area a bit further out from you.

I can't find my website on alexa

If you can't find your website on alexa just yet, your site is either fairly new, or has only had very little traffic so far.

The process of getting yourself listed on is actually not under your control under normal circumstances. But you can do something about this. And we will discuss how to do this in the coming article about the alexa widget and toolbar.

But if you expect your traffic flow to be so low that alexa is of no use to you, we have another tool coming up that will. There are ways and means of using the internet to benefit low traffic businesses.

As long as you are entrepreneurial and motivated enough, your website can make the world come to you. And how far away is that world from you? It's as far away as your local post office. But I recommend you don't try to mail hot pizzas.

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