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Standard HTML Vs CMS for SEO


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How does effective standard HTML compare against a CMS site? The subject becomes easier when you know that all the web page code that is sent to the visitor's web browser must be in standard html code. So CMS code is a step away from standard html code to begin with. In fact, we can liken CMS to filling in the blanks on a form.

The downside is that the structural form of the output html is fixed and unalterable. This means those that use a CMS are liable to lose some off-page SEO optimization advantages that greatly assist preparing each page for the best possible SERP rankings.

Some website's have one basic cms template for many different users and the same domain. This is not as effective as one cms per domain, but funnily enough, can have it's advantages. Still, neither are as capable as pure HTML.



CMS is more restrictive when compared against HTML.

Larger businesses tend to use various specialized CMS packages because they may have several or even several hundreds of staff altering pages every hour. This makes sense. But they still fall prey to the data above. Standard html users are always able to gain a competitive edge over the CMS user. Just saying hello world can result in a fantastic difference in file size between the two.

HTML supremacy

This HTML supremacy is easy to understand. With HTML you have unlimited power of choice to do as you wish to fully optimize the page for maximum impact and discovery. Groups of html pages with a similar theme that are ready made and which can be personalized to your business are called website templates. Many forms of these exist including HTML templates. We offer a range of free and low cost website templates as a service to our website visitors. See our home page for details.

So a standard HTML Vs CMS for a web site is really a no brainer from an SEO's point of view. In fact, if your SEO is a specialist with skills comparable to ours, he is also an expert with text file manipulation and able to edit and upload uniform changes on tens or hundreds of files in several minutes, not several hours. I've priced a few competitor "high discount" cms websites and many are more expensive than our generic html template deal. If you only seldom edit your site files, a cms site becomes a financial mistake. For the more basic sites, converting a CMS site into standard html might not be as expensive as you might think. CMS is the right choice for some. If you do not have a need for a complex website, keep it simple, stay the course and your costs will divide while your website hits multiply.


However, sites using popular Blog Software for blogging are often an exception to this SEO rule and can become quite popular. But if business is your aim, you would be better advised to add a blog function to your site (if needed) rather than use a blogging CMS as your site. It is the fact that the site is continually blogging and added to by many that gives blog sites their power and popularity in SERPs.

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