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The Free Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

SEO acronyms. How to search and a Keywords example.

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Know your SEO acronyms

It is important that you know your SEO acronyms as they will be in constant use throughout the course.

An acronym is just a coined word made up by using the first letter of each word that constitutes the new word. Many common SEO acronyms and terms will be used and explained as you progress through the course. Probably the two most important of acronyms are:

SEO Search Engine Optimization. This is the activity of making a web page Search Engine friendly. The more Search Engine friendly the web page is, the higher the page is listed in the SERPs.

SERP Search Engine Result Page (ranking). This is the page of external outbound links to web pages that are displayed by the search engine after a search has been performed on it's database. The search engine "thinks" (has calculated) that the first external link is the most probable of known website pages that would answer the user's query. You would then say that this is the highest (or best) SERP postion or that this is the number one SERP result.

Statistics continue to prove that the vast majority of clicks come from the very first handlful of SERPs. You will be able to see this first-hand when we install stat-tracking onto your website and discover just how effective your keywords are at sending triffic to your website.

Knowing how to search is as important to the seo as it is to internet users

Knowing how to search is also very important to the seo and all internet users alike. The more words the seeker uses that exactly match what is sought, the more precise the search result will be. Let's have a look at an example of this. If we wanted to narrow down this exact course in a search engine, which set of words would be more likely find these pages in the top free serp position?

seo course
free online seo course for the website administrator

If you selected free online seo course for the website administrator, you would be correct. In fact, you can try any combination of this group of words with the same result. eg. free online website admin for the seo course. The reason for this has to do with the keywords the search engine associates with the website and that gives us the global position of number one when all these words are used. And the search engine is correct as we are looking for this website. Any listings above this site are actually paid advertising links. The subject of keywords will be explored in more detail later in the course.

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