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Navigating the Online SEO Course

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How to navigate the online SEO Course

Navigating this seo course is quite simple. Find the 2 (two) BACK - NEXT menus which will move you one page backward or forward in the current training module.

If you would like to move to a specific seo module, then select the SEO module of interest from the list located at the bottom of the page. There is also a breadcrumbs styled menu located at the top of the page which will take you to specific landing pages on this website. You may also find what you are looking for in the sitemap which is displayed by selecting the NAVIGATION - SITEMAP button.

The online study and application of SEO

The preparation of this study course for SEO is partly a summation of a decades worth of empirical research. And the internet of 1995 was a vastly different landscape to the internet of 2011. In 1995, the online community knew that this medium was near to the last true anarchy left on earth and that almost as quickly as that day had dawned, the curtain of night would inevitably befall that freedom which knew no borders. Interestingly, it was not just anyone that was able to use the internet in those days. The information highway was solely reserved for the technologically savvy young minded and literate members of an earth bound society that feigned little to no political nor religious allegiance, and with a propensity to study and advance what was technically necessary to push the electronic bits and bytes communication into the superior and layman-friendly product we use today.

Yes, it soon became clear that internet would soon become the playground of the less literate and that when this occurred, big business would prepare to permanently move in, and this is the precipice upon which we now stand. Though many SEOs will try to tell you that grammar is the next best thing to content, the real front line is actually still: technology basics, the understanding of. Please bear in mind that big money behind big business considers you have no right to be in the market place.

There will come a day when all small businesses will need to band together and start a new internet with rules that prevent big business from electronically tricking, forcing or otherwise usurping potential clients and customers away from themselves. Let us be blunt. Much of the money currently spent on SEO/SEM is but a foray into this mindset. Simply stated, an seo company (or other business) that is unable to position their clients (or themselves) into the top free listing positions of the search engine results page then feel the need to force themselves (with cash) into the prime 'dummy click' positions the search engines have made available for a fee. And this society seems to enjoy making you pay for your ignorance. Doctors, lawyers, etc., and Content Management Systems (CMS) are no different. Except with CMS, if it seems like magic, then it is probably voodoo. A shudder down your spine should be felt at the thought of any CMS package being used by thousands upon thousands of small and independant businesses. Big business must use CMS, the small business should not.

The gift of CMS. Binding Bigger Business from doing harm to Smaller Business

Most bigger businesses are bound in by their own need for CMS (Content Management Software eg. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.), and if you are willing to study and earnestly apply what is about to be presented to you, your website will prosper and with such a foothold in the SERPs that many seo companies with their self proclaimed seo gurus will wake up to find themselves back at school and well behind the game.

If you too must use a CMS, then step through and apply as much of the course as you are able. Yes, we are able to SEO CMS websites too. If you would like assistance with your cms, contact us for a quick review and estimate. If you suspect your website would be a good candidate to convert from a CMS to Standard Html, ask for a conversion estimate. It may be cheaper than you think.

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