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Purpose of the Online SEO Training Course

Online SEO Course Purpose

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The purpose of the DIY Seo training course is to empower the webmaster with direct access to various tools and applicable knowledge that his website may become a prominent and prosperous reality.

Your Purpose to learn SEO

When undertaking a study, you should set goals for your own outcomes to the course. They should be realistic and achievable with content that is in-line with what the search engines themselves would like to see and promote.

You might wish to set some goals like: Improve the global ranking of my website or Discover five keywords that work for my website and then improve the SERP position of these same keywords.

Website speed is another valid area of SEO work. Fast websites provide a better experience for the user.

And there are still many users around that use dial-up internet and this means you should pay attention to the overall size of your web pages. Many web pages are made up of many different resources. You might have only typed a few lines of text, but images, flash and javascipts etc. can greatly increase the actual amount of download data needed to fully display your webpage. You might be surprised at the number of pages you view that are well over one megabyte in size. This may take serveral minutes for slow band width users to download.


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