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Online DIY SEO Training Course prerequisites.

Online SEO Course Prerequisites

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About prerequisites

If you have no technical skills what-so-ever, there are still some parts of this training course you can use. Monitoring or inspecting various parts of your site for SEO effectiveness requires virtually no prerequisite abilities. You can copy and paste your website address or any individual web page address into the various tools to see if your website page(s) pass the tests. For example, you can discover if your site is becoming more popular, you can check if the web page code is up to world class standards or you can test if your site uses compression etc.

So even if you only have limited or near to no internet skills, you can be armed with some specialized technical knowledge about your site and you can then either gain the needed skills to correct the errors or enlist a website administrator (like us) to fix a problem you have uncovered your self. So it matters not if your skills are only developing, our training will help you to aquire new talents and confidence in using many web based technologies.

Getting the most out of the training course

To get the most out of the online DIY SEO training course, there are some preferred prerequisite technical skills you should be confident with. To be in full control of your website, these are the minimum prerequisite skills you should possess:

a) can cut/copy/paste/save

b) can use a html editor

c) can use FTP (or other file transfer/edit capability)

d) have a Website you own and can access

Saving your work before you make any changes to your web page

There are many ways to change the content of your web page. You might use Dreamweaver or another HTML editor and then upload the finished work to your server. Many people also use a CMS program that is on their server. With CMS, the changes you make to your website are then instantly reflected when you confirm your edits.

Regardless of how it is you make the changes, always save your original page code before you begin. This way, you can restore the web page back to it's original condition.

This is probably the most important part of understanding website building. Your code might look perfect in Firefox and Chrome and a week later you find that the page does not render properly in some version of Internet Explorer.

new website to play with

If you want a new website to play with to test or train your developing skill set, we can supply a working website fully setup with your choice of domain name, email etc. and no extra monthly charges for under $100/yr (10 year deal, 20Gb), or $200/yr (10 year 1000+Gb). email for more details. Yes, that works out to less than 10 dollars per month, unlimited uploads/downloads and emails with no lock-in contracts.

Quality original Content

First and foremost, the single most important aspect to SEO a website is the originality of the content. By this we mean the actual words found on each individual web page. If you do not like the way you construct your sentences, or your website requires content that is written in a calibre that is higher than your skill level, then find or hire someone that can compose those words for you. Do NOT steal work from other websites EVER! This is called plagiarism and the better search engines test for this and penalize the sites that do this. Some unethical "writers" will try to sell you plagiarized work by using software which summarizes an honest writer's work. Others take this a step further and swap out various words with synonyms (words or phrases with a similar meanings). This can still be detected and is still plagiarism. It is far better to hire an honest writer in the first place.

How can I find an honest writer to compose high calibre original content?

How can I find an honest writer to compose high calibre, original content?
The best method is to look where established professional writers gather. For example, if I ever have a client who has a website that requires attention to the rules of grammar or requires professional editing so the website can be enjoyed by the most fastidious of visitors, I would use or recommend Julia at articul8. Julia has years of professional writing and editing experience with degrees that match. Many people around Melbourne have enjoyed reading her articles, which have ranged from real estate to royal shows, from white water rafting to white wine tastings as well as sales and franchise kits to rebrandings. And the list goes on. Some of her "things to do in Melbourne" work can be found at the website link below.

For professionally written and edited content, please email Julia at For writing samples, please see

Verify the ownership of your Website Ownership (make sure it is really yours)

Website ownership can usually be verified by ensuring you have two usernames and passwords. One is for your hosting services. This is your webspace on the internet. The other is for your domain name ownership. Your domain name is not yours unless you have the legal right to renew, cancel or sell your domain name at will. We make sure our client's have both.


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