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Website Popularity and Traffic Rank

Using Alexa as a Popularity and Rank Tool

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Number One Alexa Ranking

The closer you get to a #1 alexa ranking, the more probable your SERP placings will concur. Website popularity is power too.

The SEO can target either, his Web Traffic Rank or his Site's SERP placement and both will rise regardless of any neglect shown to the other. So Website popularity is intrinsically linked with the search engines but for now we direct our immediate focus on alexa's raw Traffic Rank.

Evaluating your Website Popularity and Traffic Rank over Time. at alexa (10 months after inception)
Fig. 02

Website Popularity and Traffic Rank

When the popularity of a website sees you poll in at under 100,000, the alexa charts will fill with statistical information. And even if your site doesn't rank in the top 100,000, there is still a wealth of data that can be gleaned like audience for example. Other alexa statistics are interesting too, but let's stay the course. For now we simply want answers on the following questions:

1) Is our website listed on

2) What is our Traffic Rank?

3) Is our Traffic Rank going in the right direction? (green up arrows are preferable over red down arrows)

The image above shows our Traffic Rank under the Traffic Stats tab. The Search Engine Optimizer is interested to know if his website popularity is gaining or receding.

And though this traffic statistic is not solely attributed to search engine effectiveness, the general reason behind why one begins to apply SEO to his web page in the first place is to increase the popularity of that web page. So pay no heed to this contradiction as you cannot have a popular web page that does not also fare very well on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS).

And so our first step in SEO education is to learn that we are able to have an independent source track our general website performance in relationship to other websites. Not all of us need to seek a top 100,000 ranking to be viable, but your site would place somewhere if it receives a steady flow of fresh traffic monthly.

Long Term Tool

This first step was a simple indtroductory tool that allows any website owner to use and to see for themselves if their website is being found and used by others on the internet. You can check alexa daily, however, for most this is a tool you would check every other week or month. Some of the stats are only updated every three months. So we use this tool as a long term tool. For short term, we look at statistic tracking as we explore how visitors find and use our site. That is the focus of the next study module.

At, we ensure our SEO clients do achieve a higher popularity. And our SEO services are very competitive. Seo assistance for small web sites can be from as little as $5/mth, or $10/mth for those wanting slightly more pro-active attention. We understand how to help bring sites up to a point where they are noticed and then keep them there and this frees your time to focus on other avenues. This is a great service for localized small businesses and oftens pays it's way by helping to bring in foot traffic to your door. We can help you to locally promote to your local paying customers regardless of which country you live in.

And that concludes the first tutorial in the series of our free learn DIY SEO (Do-It-Yourself Search-Engine-Optimization) online course. Select "next" to begin to learn how we can find out the who, what, when and where of those that do use our website.

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