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Testing for GZip Compression

Where to test your website for Gzip compression

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What's my IP and Is my website compressed?.

Let's get right to it.

Whats my ip?   !

That's your current IP, right above and colored red. Where can we test our website for gzip or deflate compression right now?

Use this active link to visit (opens in a new window or tab) to see if your website has GZip compression enabled. To do this, simply type your website address into the search form on their site and select Test.

Testing if your website's GZip is enabled and working using the
(this images reveals's home page compression results in 70% file size reduction!)

Checking your gzip compression results

And now you can see why Google likes those that GZip the web.
The apparency is that we can serve this page to three different users using the same amount of energy.

Interpreting the page results

If you get the big green checkmark (like our image above), your website is happily zipping files and all is sunshine and roses.

To check your .css or .js files, you enter the full path to these files to ensure they too are being compressed across the web.

My pages are not compressed!

If you fall into that bracket of webmasters who continually get red crosses, then your pages are not gzipped or compressed. There are simply too many variables for us to correct this for you in this study course. Seek out tips on google if you are a techie.

We offer this as a standard choice for websites we setup.

Many hosts have the ability for compression enabled, but not all do. So this is not a step that all can do. In some cases, moving hosts will remedy the problem. It is usually inexpensive for smaller sites and can even work out as a cheaper option for some webmasters.

Also, many websites fare just fine in the search engines that do not have compression enabled. You can do a quick check your self by entering some popular pages into the test field.

But enough about that, let's inspect some of our webpage code and ensure our pages begin to approxiamte world class standards with clean html coding. Sounds hard? Not really


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