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Input Data into HTML Tidy OnLine

Cleaning HTML input data

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Launch online HTML-Tidy and Input or link your data.

We'll get right to it. We do this in two steps. One is input. Two is output. Let's input some code to tidy.

Use this active link to visit (opens in a new window or tab) and use the online tool to see if the SEO quality of your HTML code stacks up against the HTML Tidy algorithm. 

Input data into html tidy online.

Either enter the link to your website at URL: or paste your code where we have indicated with the red arrow in the image below. The Tidy button begins the parsing of your HTML code.

insert website address into alexa

The infohound website offers the SEO analyst several input and cleaning options to check and tidy his HTML code.

Optional Settings to HTML Tidy your code. Check your boxes for optimal settings.

You will note we have added a few red arrows in the above HTML Tidy image which highlight various optional settings. These are the settings like to check or alter.

Output xhtml code is checked as the default. Uncheck the box if you do not want this doctype. You can also force a specific doctype in from the dropdown list or have allow HTMLTidy to automatically select this for you.

wrap is only 90 characters as the default setting which may be too tight for you. Increase this setting number for longer lines of code across the output page.

After your data has been rendered, you can also select your browser's back button and re-modify any of these settings until you are happy with the presentation of your code. You do not need to re-paste your HTML code or url when using the browser back button.

Do not be afraid to test these presentation settings. Well presented code also greatly assists making your code easy to read and find matched pairs of tags. The fastest seo method to use is to have no pretty presentation at all but instead have all the data as one long contiguous line of html code. Using gzip compression on your website greatly reduces any need to do this.

Not the only step to SEO cleaned code

This is not the only step we will use to confirm our code is SEO cleaned. We use it as it is a excellent starting resource and this will pickup the most common of errors with ease.

We will address fully cleaning our code in the next module. But for now, let's process our page and view the resultant outcome. If you find this process tedious or boring, you can always enlist our services to clean your code for you. There are many SEO guys that think this step is unnecessary as there are many pages with high SERP rankings that do have doctype errors. You can check this for yourself. However, there are some doctype errors that are not ignored and ensuring your code is as clean as can be is the best way to avoid any adverse results due to browser incompatibilities.


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