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Output Data from HTML Tidy OnLine

Checking HTML output data

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Evaluate your code for errors and warnings in HTMLtidy online.

After you have selected Tidy, the screen will automatically change and present you with your parsed results (see image below). Use the back button in your browser if you want to alter the output formatting or to correct any HTML code that has come to your attention.

Ouput data from html tidy online.

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Once corrected, the SEO analyst can copy and paste the Tidied Code over his own source.

The SEO can choose to either use the corrected code or correct the errors in his original code
and go "back" and repeat the cleaning process until he achieves success (highly recommended).

Interpreting the page results

After processing, your page may have neither errors nor warnings. But if you do, these will list below the Tidied code box and will plainly state if an error or warning was found.

Beside each of these will be an explanation as to why HTML Tidy has reported each warning or error. It also lists the line number in which the problem was found.

This makes it very easy to go back to your original code and find the line that contains the issue and attend to it.

A commonly encountered error is where one attempts strict html encoding but has used HTML tags which are only supported when rendering the page with transitional doctype rules.

Educate yourself in the use of html tags

If you are not sure about any of the html tags you are using, take a decisive step by allocating some time to educate yourself. There is much help available online from many great resources.

.css and .js with HTML Tidy

HTML Tidy does not evaluate your .css or .js for efficiency or errors. It will however package these correctly according to html rules where needed.

We added three red target arrows in the image above:

1) Number of errors / warnings HTML Tidy found

2) Tidied code for you to copy and paste

3) Exact line number where your code threw an error

And that is how easy it is to ensure your code looks pretty and works well.

However, the most important part of code cleaning is to ensure your code passes validation. And although html tidy also exists on this next study module site, the result is just not as pretty as the one you have just used.

And how about we move onto the next step an look at how we can validate some code.


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